Volto, a new experience for
editing the web

Start editing your content the intuitive way.




Built on ReactJS, Volto is ready to use and speedy out of the box by design.

Simplicity with batteries included

Assemble your content in an intuitive way. The Plone backend provides Volto with a full feature set of an Enterprise Content Management System.

Securely organized content

A granular security system allows you to manage the visibility and access to your content.

Why use Volto

The world is colorful and multilingual. With Volto it’s convenient to manage translations.

Your content is searchable. Volto indexes out of the box the complete content including files like PDFs.

Community driven software is healthy and future-proof. Volto is a child of a strong Open Source Community: 800 contributors are refining Plone and Volto.

Volto Demo

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Volto in action




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Get started

The prerequisites for a local installation are

Node.js, Python and for a first taste install also Docker.

Get the Plone backend

Clone the 'create-volto-app' GitHub repository


docker run -it --rm --name=plone -p 8080:8080 -e SITE=Plone -e ADDONS="kitconcept.volto" -e ZCML="kitconcept.volto.cors" -e PROFILES="kitconcept.volto:default-homepage" plone

Get Volto


create-volto-app myvoltoapp; cd myvoltoapp; yarn start

Your Volto is ready under:



For editing, login with admin:admin

More options and detailed instructions how to install,
check out the Volto Docs

Why developers love Volto

Build faster

Volto is designed to start creating content out of the box. You need a different view on your content? We use component shadowing to override an existing view with a custom version, without having to modify Volto’s source. Just copy and modify the markup.

No reinvention of the wheel

Concentrate on features and design. The rich ecosystem of React components is at hand.

Do more with less

Volto supports Semantic UI with declarative APIs providing robust features and prop validation.

Clone the 'create-volto-app' GitHub repository


git clone [email protected]:plone/create-volto-app.git

cd into the create-volto-app folder


cd create-volto-app

Get the boilerplate


create-volto-app <app-name>

Run the project in development mode.


yarn start

You can view your application at http://localhost:3000. The page supports hot reload.

Learn more


Volto, Volto-Hands-On and Mastering Plone 6 (Plone backend and Volto frontend)



Get help

Find the smart Plone people discussing Volto topics on https://community.plone.org/c/volto/
Just a question? We chat on https://gitter.im/plone/volto

Get Involved

Join our Community and become a part of Volto!


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